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2x2: Brinson/Eich, Issue #2

2x2: Brinson/Eich, Issue #2

This is the second issue of our new magazine, 2X2. Featuring work by Kendrick Brinson and Matt Eich, including one new project by each making its debut here. Kendrick's new project Topophilia looks at the emotional connections between individuals and physical environment. "Rather than exploring the natural landscape, I'm more drawn to the social landscape and the hints of the humans who were there," she says, "My quest in this series is to document these very obstructions and to focus on the traces of people and how they leave their marks on the landscape in simple and beautiful ways." Matt's new project The Seven Cities is a look at the area he grew up in and where he is raising his daughter. He says, this project "will allow me to fully integrate my personal images with an exploration of place and identity.

At the core of LUCEO’s mission is the creative and financial support of the personal projects of its fellow members. Indeed one of the criteria for our members is that they produce at least two personal bodies of work each year. In keeping with this spirit, we created this tri-annual publication which features two projects from two LUCEO members. Simply titled 2×2, the magazine will feature two projects, at least one of which will be entirely new, by two of our members.

Format: Soft Cover, Perfect Binding
Pages: 84
Size: 8.25" x 10.75"
Publisher: LUCEO Press
Publication Date: September 2011
Issue: #2
Printing: First Edition

Price: $30.00
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